Queen Elizabeth's Birth

       Queen Elizabeth was the only surviving child from Anne Boleyn but King Henry had another daughter named Mary from his first wife, Kathrine the Aragon. King Henry was very disappointed Elizabeth's birth because he has always wanted a boy. Anne Boleyn never gave birth to a son, so on May 19, 1536, she was executed on false charges of incest and adultery. The King married another women named Jane Seymour, she died giving birth to the King's longed for son named Edward.

Queen Elizabeth's Death

Queen Elizabeth I died on 24 March 1603 (of blood poisoning) - she was nearly70 years of age. Arguably the greatest monarch that ever rule England. Under her rule England prospered, became a major power, encouraged the Arts and great literature by William Shakespeare, John Donne, Christopher Marlowe and Sir Edmund Spenser. Great explorers discovered new lands such as Sir Francis Drake, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir John Hawkins, Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Richard Greenville. It was indeed the Golden Age of England. Queen Elizabeth had lived a long life but her health was declining.